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If you consider yourself to be a change-maker, a (soon-to-be) master of your craft & a huge advocate of a teamwork-driven culture, a seat at the Transbiz table is the next career chapter for you. An upgraded one.

Here’s why. We know that as much as agencies can be a blessing, it can also be a bit of a struggle too. That’s why TransBiz is not a typical marketing agency. It’s a full-service eCommerce growth machine with a focus on the Amazon marketplace that is on a mission to create purposeful brands that inspire people around the globe, including you.

The truth is this – we spend a third of our lives at work. So can it really get any better than feeling inspired & motivated while working every single day? Let’s see.


The Production department produces creative brand assets that other teams can use for their Social Media Posts, Product Listings, Banners, Ads, Sites, etc.

Our team of 77 entrepreneurial-minded people runs business marathons together like a professional sports team. We know that each member has a critical role to play in winning the game, therefore, they are ready to help you get up to speed in no time and are ready to extend a helping hand when you need it most.


  • Access to training for your specialization and others within the agency, as well as a chance to attend courses to help you grow further.
  • Fully remote and flexible working schedule that doesn’t restrict you to just one location, and you’ll be able to work when you feel the most productive and take a nap when you’re in need of a small boost of energy.
  • Lead a team of creatives who are passionate about their work and potentially lead the Production Team!


TransBiz’s production team aims to be the bridge that connects our internal teams & our partners. We believe in helping our clients achieve their dreams to sell their products in the global market. We help them by showcasing their products in the best light and angle possible.

You will be in the studio every day. Being in charge of the camera and the lighting of each shoot. You are responsible for creating the look, color, lighting, and framing, making sure that each shot or video is on brand and of GREAT quality. Camera angles, composition, and continuity should be top-notch per frame.

Process Optimization

  • Identify bottlenecks and create efficient processes.
  • Create SOPs and checklists for easier task execution and turnover + create a better QA for production.
  • Create new processes based on failures and successes.
  • Create a process for optimal and consistent production of video content.

Quality Assurance

  • Has an eye for detail.
  • Makes sure that all our works are on brand.
  • Can find the nitty-gritty mistakes in a shoot and can easily optimize as we go.

Project Management

  • Client communication and timeline alignment.
  • Organize files and documents for client and team access.
  • Task delegation and creation.
  • Proactive and can find ways to save time on a shoot.
  • Can easily work and/or collaborate with other teams to deliver the angles they need.

Creative Direction

  • Produce 2 video creatives everyday or 10 videos a week.
  • 2 photoshoots per day or 10 photoshoots per week.
  • Secure creatives to be high quality.
  • Plans best production options.
  • Recommends & tests best angles, lighting options, and other techniques during shoots.
  • Conducts own research for the product we’ll need to shoot.
  • Work w/ post-production to ensure all post needs are accounted for.
  • Detail-oriented & demonstrates good creative intelligence.
  • Assesses with the team what the best angle would be to showcase our partner’s products.


  • Must be accountable for every decision made.
  • Must help lead the team to create quality outputs.
  • Manage all processes in order to successfully deliver creatives.


  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience working as a Cinematographer.
  • Has worked with a production company.
  • Can work with both photo and video production.
  • Has strong communication and management skills.
  • Has a great eye for detail.
  • Thorough understanding of lighting techniques, light color, shade, and manipulation.
  • Resonate with our Vivid Vision 2024.

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