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How Jack n’ Drill Stood Out Amongst a Sea of Similar Products with High-Converting Amazon Listing


Jack n’ Drill

Wang De-An is the owner of Jack n’ Drill — an original equipment manufacturer that produces do-it-yourself tools with over 40 years of experience. They specialize in the production of door springs, door guards, and security latches.

In the past, Jack n’ Drill only sold to other companies. But Wang thought about expanding his company’s reach. Specifically, selling to consumers.

Then he figured that there were many advantages to selling online — as opposed to setting up a physical store.

So he put his focus there.

The Challenge:

Too Common to Grab Anyone’s Attention

Wang wanted to sell his products on Amazon.

The problem was… he didn’t have any experience in creating listings. And on top of that, he would be competing with many companies selling similar products.

He compared one of his products (coat hooks) to his competitors’.

What he saw was a mountain to conquer…
…the features were too identical for his products to stand out!

Now, this is important…

He realized that for him to outsell his competitors; he needed an edge.

Something had to be different.

And it couldn’t be his products because it was expensive to change them.

So it came down to his listings.

Wang needed an Amazon expert who could make his products stand out without him bothering with the nuances of selling on Amazon.

It was already tricky that he had a lot of competition. He didn’t want to waste his time doing trial and error when it came to online selling.

He turned to TransBiz to help him create a data-driven strategy that would attract customers and maximize his sales.

The Solution

Position the Product Listing as the Uncommon

First, we gathered all the information needed to understand Jack n’ Drill’s products, brand, and target market. After extensive research, Wang had a winning strategy.

We then asked for samples of the products. They’re for getting high-quality pictures that would highlight the products’ best angles. Another reason was to help customers imagine themselves using the products.

Next was adding images/icons that would catch the attention of online shoppers. Even though Wang’s products didn’t stand out, the little details turned the listings into head-turners. And visually, it made all the difference.

After that, it was writing the features and benefits. Our copywriters inserted high-ranking keywords into the titles and product descriptions to amplify the listings’ visibility.

Once Wang approved the listings, they got uploaded on Amazon.

Now, many sellers stop their process here. But not with us.

After two weeks, our Amazon experts tested the images and keywords to see which areas had room for improvement. This relentless testing went on until they’re fully optimized.

The Result

The Trendsetter Amongst the Sellers

In just a year, Wang saw his monthly sales on Amazon reach up to $168,633.49.

Not only that, his products consistently show on the first page of the search results.

Even Wang’s competitors couldn’t ignore his success. Some of them copied his product images. Others grabbed his product titles and descriptions.

But with regular image and keyword testing, his listings continue to set the standard for his competitors.

And after crushing his sales goals month after month…
…he has entrusted TransBiz with 30 more projects (and counting).

Wang sleeps better at night, knowing that his product listings will always attract customers.

“Thank you for helping us achieve our sales target in 2019. Looking forward to crushing 2020 with you!”

Wang De-an
Owner, Jack n’ Drill

Eye-catching Images

Persuasive Titles and Product Descriptions

Hassle-Free Listing Creation

TransBiz helps your listings stand out,
even if you have many competitors selling similar products.

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