Amazon Advertising Management

Amazon is a saturated marketplace. That’s the #1 reason why top sellers use pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns to expand their reach, resulting in more traffic and sales. Unless done correctly, those completed sales will go elsewhere.

Make sure your money is working hard for you in this pay-to-play marketplace. With daily PPC monitoring, our experts put you in the position to increase your organic ranking and revenue while decreasing your advertising cost of sales (ACoS).

Our Process



First, we’ll audit your Amazon account and learn about your target market. This will help us determine your full potential
on the largest online selling platform.


We’ll develop and implement a custom strategy for your advertising campaign that’s focused on maximizing your return on ad spend (ROAS).


After gathering enough data, we’ll identify and optimize your campaign’s baseline numbers. This will help you control your ad spend and advertising cost of sales (ACoS), so you can scale your campaign in the next phase.


You’ll now scale while decreasing your costs. The goal here is to not only maintain but also increase your first-page organic rankings so that your total sales are maximized.

What you’ll get in this unique experience tailored to you

Campaign Diagnostics & Strategy

Spending money on Amazon Pay-Per-Click doesn’t guarantee an increase in revenue. You need a guide with a proven track record. Our Amazon experts will give you a clear understanding of your campaign’s status and a data-driven strategy that will point you in the right direction for long-term success.

Continuous Research & Keyword Testing

Amazon PPC is an ever-evolving platform. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today or tomorrow. We test keywords on a daily basis so you’ll always be ahead of your competitors.

Product Listing Optimization

We’ll optimize every little detail to boost your campaign’s performance. From images to titles, to product descriptions. Nothing is left unattended. These things will help supercharge your sales and visibility.

Documentation & Reporting

Transparency is our jam, so you’re always informed. You’ll get regular reports to discover good/bad performance segments so you can plan out and improve your next steps.

Case Study

5138% Increase in Sales

Creating an Amazon listing is one thing. Getting customers to buy from you is another. One manufacturer of can openers learned this the hard way. They realized that having great features doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.

It all changed when they teamed up with TransBiz. We gave their product listing a much-needed makeover. Then they saw a whopping difference in their sales.

From generating $4,200/month to $220,000/month — a 5,138% increase just by optimizing their product listing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m just starting out. How long will it take for my campaigns to be profitable?

A: There are three determining factors that influence profitability when it comes to Amazon advertising: listing quality, reviews, and conversion rate. As a rule of thumb, it takes three months to build profitable campaigns. Of course, it can be faster if you already have good listing quality/reviews/conversion rate

Q: What is your turnaround time?

A: We need to gather data for one month before we can create a custom strategy for your campaigns. After that, we’ll be able to help you implement the best low-risk, high-reward campaigns to move you forward.

Q: How much will I be spending?

A: For the Learning phase, we recommend that you create five to eight campaigns to get meaningful data we can use to build your custom strategy. Each campaign gets $10. That means your ad spend per day will be $80. But we guarantee that we won’t be spending more than the declared budget per day.

Q: When can I see my performance reports?

A: We send in-depth reports bi-weekly so you could see the trajectory of your campaigns. We also do monthly strategy calls to help you set and achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Amazon Advertising Management

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