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Dr. Hsi-Chuan Chen
Founder & CEO, Bloomify









•Branding (Look & Feel + Tone of Voice)
•Keyword Research
•Photography Angles
•Image Creation

Dr. Hsi-Chuan Chen founded Bloomify, with the sole purpose of helping plant enthusiasts enjoy the beauty of live plants without the hassle of constantly taking care of them. It’s all possible by replacing soil with a nutritive gel that he developed. The gel is a solid substance that’s bacteria/mold-free and contains all the nutrients that a plant needs to ensure its constant growth in a terrarium.

The Challenge

Not Enough Conversions Even With the Help of Freelancers


With the right technology in place, he set out to develop a line of maintenance-free plants that can liven up people’s spaces.

But after developing the products, he found himself not attracting enough customers on Amazon. In particular, he realized that his listing for the Persian Violet plant needed a lot of help. Negative reviews were coming in because the customers were expecting one thing, and they seemed to be getting something else.

This was due to how the listing was presented.

Dr. Chen hired freelancers to take photos of the Persian Violet plant. Then they were uploaded on Amazon. However, the listing wasn’t converting any better. Why? Because the images weren’t communicating what the listing was actually selling.

People weren’t familiar with the technology Dr. Chen used, and they didn’t know how long a Persian Violet lasts. These things created a disconnect in the buyer’s mind.

He realized that clear messaging (through images and words) is key to communicating the features and benefits of a product — which leads to more conversions on Amazon.

So, in order to avoid needless trials and errors with freelancers, he decided to look for Amazon experts.

I will say they (freelancers) were NOT good. It’s just wasting money there. We didn’t think it’s worth it. Yeah, so we decided to increase our budget and get someone more professional.

Of course, he was still wary of the return on investment.

Therefore, Dr. Chen had to find the right strategic partner who could help his Persian Violet listing not only convert more but also generate positive reviews.

The Solution

Clearly Communicate the Features and Benefits

We started with the listing assessment, which basically answered the question…

What exactly does this listing need to gain more traffic and conversions?

The product was unique and at a good price point — considering what it offered. However, it wasn’t getting enough sales.

Fortunately, we’ve got the solution…

First, we determined that having a cohesive look and tone of voice would significantly help the listing’s “attractiveness factor”.

Next, through keyword research, our Amazon experts found out that there’s a good search volume for ‘desk decoration’, ‘terrarium’, and the like. Since people usually type those words when they’re looking for plants, it was a good idea to include them in the title and backend of the listing.

And based on keyword research and competitor research analysis, we formulated a strategy that would make the listing attract buyers like magnets.

Dr. Chen approved the strategy. After that, we sent him a guide on how to get the most appealing shot angles of the Persian Violet. Then, he gave us the photos so we could “clean” them up and make sure they’re Amazon-ready.

Next was to ensure that the bullet points worked hand in hand with the images. This was to give customers more information about the product itself and how it can make their spaces look lively with zero effort.

Finally, we focused on the A+ Content or the EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). This helped them visualize real-life situations and how they could benefit from having the Persian Violet. We also added a cross-sell table at the bottom, so that customers could compare Bloomify’s products.

The Result

From $995.26 to $9,009.12 in Monthly Sales


working with TransBiz, the Persian Violet listing’s monthly averages were:

Conversion Rate


Units Sold


Overall Sales



trusting us with the listing,
the monthly averages became:

Conversion Rate


Units Sold


Overall Sales


But wait, it gets better…

Since the listing was steadily generating more sales, Dr. Chen trusted us with its sponsored ads. Then, the averages skyrocketed:

  • Conversion Rate: 5.71%
  • Units Sold: 212.5
  • Overall Sales: $9,009.12
  • Distribution of Sales:
      • Organic: 73.07%
      • PPC: 26.93%

For perspective, here’s the difference in the monthly averages: 3.45% more conversion rate, 797.95% more units sold, and 805.2% more overall sales.

Trusting TransBiz with the Persian Violet listing proved to be a difference maker in boosting the conversion rate and sales.

Our sales increased. And so, of course, I think your team did your job.

And because Dr. Chen’s return on investment is 388.53%, it eased his mind knowing he finally found a partner he can trust his listings with.

Dr. Chen is now in the process of selling more plant products on Amazon. And to ensure the success of his listings, he’s sticking with Amazon experts.

If I have a new product, I want to promote it. Yes. I will still work with TransBiz.

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